7 Great Things to do in Hagerstown, MD

Hagerstown, in Washington County, is a lovely town with a thriving cultural and historical environment that is situated at the centre of the Civil War. In addition to being the location of numerous significant battlegrounds, such as the Antietam National Battlefield, the South Mountain State Battlefield, and the Battle of Hagerstown in July 1863, Hagerstown also has a tone of family-friendly attractions and activities. The moniker “Hub City” dates back to the 19th century, when Hagerstown served as the hub for no less than five railroads. Things to do in hagerstown, MD.

Enjoy year-round performances, concerts, and festivals at the Maryland Theatre and Performing Arts Complex as well as a full calendar of events at the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts in Hagerstown City Park, including exhibitions, performances, talks, and films. Explore one of the five national and eight state parks in the area, go trekking on Maryland’s Appalachian Trail, and go cycling along the Potomac River and Chesapeake & Ohio Canal things to do in hagerstown md

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1. City Park

things to do in hagerstown md
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There are several minor tourist attractions worth visiting that honor the city’s significant railroad history, such as the Hager House and the City Park Train Hub. The public urban park known as Hagerstown City Park is located at the intersection of Virginia Avenue and Memorial Boulevard, close to the city’s central business district. It has a lot of open green space and cultural attractions. The best things to do in hagerstown md

The park also contains a bandshell, rented pavilions, lighted tennis courts, softball fields, a number of playing fields, playgrounds, lit walking and running pathways, and lit tennis courts.

2. Hagerstown Aviation Museum

things to do in hagerstown md

In 1995, a group of people led by Richard Henson and John Seburn came up with the concept for an aircraft museum in Hagerstown. The museum in downtown Hagerstown, Maryland, finally opened to the public on July 14, 2005, after ten years of delays. hings to do in hagerstown md

The museum acquired a C-82 from Hawkins and Powers in Greybull, Wyoming, the following year at auction. In 2019, the museum bought a C-123 and trucked it to the airport. The museum relocated to the former Fairchild Aircraft Flight Test Hangar in 2020 after first considering constructing a new hangar. The best things to do in hagerstown md

3. Mansion House Art Gallery, Valley Art Association

things to do in hagerstown md
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In reality, the mud of the lovely lake that the mansion overlooks, which is now home to swans, was used to make the bricks. The Valley Art Association’s current headquarters are located in the mansion. Over twenty local artists’ works are available for viewing and purchasing here at the Mansion House. The best things to do in hagerstown md

4 The Discovery Station at Hagerstown, Inc.

things to do in hagerstown md
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Anyone driving by can tell just by looking at the Discovery Station that it would be an interesting and enjoyable location to visit. Thousands of adults and children visit the interactive museum each year, and both groups have amazing and unforgettable learning experiences there. The best things to do in hagerstown md

The museum features twelve separate exhibitions, including the Titanic Exhibit, the Exploration Rainforest, the Coral Reefs Banners, Space and Beyond, Dinosaurs, Robotics and Coding, and more.

5. The Maryland Theatre, Hagerstown, MD

The Maryland Theatre is a performing arts venue in the downtown Hagerstown Arts and Entertainment District that offers a variety of entertainment all year long. things to do in Hagerstown md. The center, originally built in 1915 as a 1,400-seat vaudeville and silent picture theatre, underwent a complete transformation into a performing arts complex in 2019. 

This venue hosts about 250 performances a year, including musicals, plays, dance, live music, comedy, and concerts by the Maryland Symphony Orchestra, which has its home base at the theatre. Additional performances include music performances and recitals, orchestra concerts, stage shows, comedy nights, performances by country music artists, and kid’s shows. The best things to do in hagerstown md

6. The Washington County Museum of Fine Arts

A fantastic collection of American paintings from the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries are housed in a national-standard art museum that faces City Park’s Lower Lake. 19th-century European art (including works by Courbet and Rodin), eastern art, and an abundance of American decorative and folk art is further enriched in the exhibitions derived from that catalog. The WCMFA hosts top-notch traveling exhibitions and regularly hosts seminars, talks, music recitals, movie screenings, and kid-friendly events. The best things to do in hagerstown md

7. The Antietam National Battlefield

On September 17, 1862, at the Battle of Antietam, some ten miles south of Hagerstown, the deadliest day in American history occurred. Despite the staggering cost (12,410 Union casualties), this valiant victory helped the Union Army win the war and provided Abraham Lincoln with the justification for issuing the Emancipation Proclamation. The best things to do in hagerstown md

More than 3,200 acres make up the Antietam National Battlefield, where you can tour the major locations where this 12-hour bloody battle took place. You can stroll along the 800-yard buried road known as Bloody Lane, which in the morning saw unspeakable bloodshed and an estimated 5,600 casualties. This route connects the two positions. The best things to do in hagerstown md

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