Razer Blade 15 Advanced the Best Gaming Laptop: Full Review

razer blade 15

Why mess with a good thing? Razer’s Blade gaming laptops vary from year to year. There are a few minor design upgrades, but nothing too significant. The 15.6-inch Blade 15 from this year, for instance, features speaker grilles that were laser-cut, somewhat larger key covers, and the power button is now located in the upper right corner of the keyboard rather than on the right speaker. Some of the most powerful gaming laptops and other gaming-related items are produced by this company. This review will focus on the gaming laptop, The Razer Blade 15 Advanced. It is a very powerful machine with remarkable features, but it is also very expensive. If you have a limited budget,


The Razer Blade 15 Advanced has a sleek, simplistic design that houses its outstanding features. The exterior has a fashionable matte finish with an electric green accent in the logo. The laptop is smaller and lighter than many of its rivals. The chiclet-style island keyboard is ergonomic for gaming, and each key has its own backlight that can be adjusted. A new 1080p webcam is also available this year, which is a welcome upgrade over the 720p cams of earlier systems. Finally, there are numerous connectors, including a full-size SD card reader, HDMI cables, three USB-A ports, two USB-C connections (one of which is Thunderbolt 4), and two USB-C ports.


The Razer Blade 15’s 15.6-inch, 2560 x 1440-pixel, 165-Hz display has strong, vibrant colours, but it is not sufficiently bright. The Razer Blade 15’s display lit up when the main character’s red button flashed in the Pixie trailer. Newer models with 360 Hz refresh rates have full HD displays but are not yet for sale. Such quick refresh rates are a significant improvement over earlier models. They would undoubtedly ensure a thrilling, engaging gaming experience.

Graphic Card and CPU

In balanced performance mode, gaming performance is inherently worse. There is no need to use the Blade 15 in high-performance mode, as absolute frame rates are still sufficient for a fluid gaming experience. Under the layers of aluminium is an 8 GB VRAM Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 GPU. Grand strategy games and CPU-intensive applications like photo and video editing software can also benefit from the processor.


Do not anticipate this gaming laptop to operate on battery power for an entire day. Razer advertises a battery life of up to 7 hours, but it’s crucial to remember that the powerful hardware and lightning-fast display put a lot of strain on the battery. It’s recommended to keep the gadget on a cold surface because it does have a tendency to heat up during demanding jobs and games.


The Razer Blade 15 Advanced boasts speakers on both sides, which when combined produce fantastic stereo sound. Any audio or musical selection from video games or movies will sound nice. The Dolby Atmos software has five sound settings that users can choose from: dynamic, music, movie, game, and voice. Although there wasn’t much bass, the song featured some percussion. On occasion, the instruments would clash and become distorted or loud. The laptop has THX® Spatial Audio, 7.1 Codec compatibility, and an integrated array microphone, among other audio features.


Even though the top-tier RTX 3080 Ti combination we were able to get our hands on costs $3,999, it is the only option if you want to experience 4K60+ and have the resources to make it happen. They are undoubtedly expensive, but with RTX 3060Ti7-12800H models starting at $2,499.99, there are plenty of options for those looking for premium goods. We tested the 4K 144Hz i9-12900H configuration for three weeks to evaluate this most recent iteration.


The Blade 15 is a sturdy little notebook. A quick SD card reader and modern connectivity that matches the new Intel and Nvidia chips are also included. Unlike the QHD variant, the display lacks Advanced Optimus, and the colour space coverage may be a little bit better. Nonetheless, it offers wonderfully smooth viewing and a respectable maximum brightness. This product is ideal if you’re seeking the best thin-profile gaming laptop and you have some extra cash to spend.

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