Upcoming PC Games in January 2023: Top 5 Great Games

Welcome to a new year that has countless possibilities. We are in the middle of a packed year for video games, one chock full of epic adventures, as a result of a string of game delays and ambitious ambitions for 2021 and 2022. A major new opportunity appears every month, and multiple upgraded game releases are right around the corner. There are a number of these much-awaited games coming out in January 2023, there are several intriguing prequels and ports, such as SpongeBob in The Cosmic Shake and the much less moral Dead Space version. Upcoming pc games in January 2023 is Here:

1. One Piece Odyssey (January 13)

upcoming pc games in january


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One Piece Odyssey is one of many significant video game releases set for January 2023. You take on the role of Luffy, the main character of One Piece, and his friends as they are caught in a violent storm and transported to an unfamiliar island that is full of mysteries in this expansive RPG. The Straw Hat pirates must now survive their journey while learning about new things and locations because they are facing towering enemies and other deadly obstacles. which was released in time for the manga’s 25th anniversary celebration. Join Luffy and his band of Strawhat Pirates on an amazing journey in this RPG tribute to the One Piece series

2. Fire Emblem Engage (January 20)

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

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In its upcoming version, Fire Emblem Engage, the series’ lengthy history will be honoured. Fire Emblem Engage, which stars the main characters, the Lords, from previous Fire Emblem games, is slated to be a tribute to the turn-based tactical RPG genre. As Pepsi Man, the game’s main character, gathers the symbol rings that would let them harness the powers of lords in a war that will transform the landscape of Elyos for years to come, Alear, the divine dragon, emerges from a thousand-year nap to aid in the defeat of the fallen dragon. 

Playing as a daring new hero, you’ll be able to summon and battle alongside legendary Fire Emblem figures like Marth, Roy, Ike, Corrin, and Byleth. You may lead your troops to victory and fight in potentially fatal turn-based battles with the aid of each. We still don’t know a lot about Fire Emblem Engage, but the secrecy only adds to the appeal of this follow-up.

3. Neptunia: Sisters vs. Sisters (January 24)

upcoming pc games in january

Platforms: PS4, PS5, PC

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Early this year, Hyperdimension Neptunia makes its way to the West. In this absurd action role-playing game, Neptune and her companions are back, but different pairs of sisters are now vying for the title of  the goddess. By the end of this month, this game will be available on PC and PlayStation for fans of the Hyperdimension Neptunia series. The action role-playing game NeptuniaTM: Sisters VS Sisters is set in the dynamic environment of Gamindustri. Try to battle a mysterious, brand-new phenomena that threaten life itself as you hack and slash your way through hordes of frightening adversaries discovered in the several dungeons scattered throughout the area. Take control of the younger sisters of the four Goddesses of Gamindustri, the Goddess Candidates, as they embark on their first journey to save the planet!

4. Dead Space (January 27)

upcoming pc games in january

Platforms: PS5, XBOX SERIES X, PC

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A remake of Dead Space, the sci-fi horror blockbuster hit that dominated the early 2000s, will be released in January 2023 by EA’s Motive Studio. a timeless masterpiece of diegetic video game design, the survival horror game. The survival horror game Dead Space provided players with an excellent experience that was full of suspense and terror. Unfortunately, the original trilogy had issues with bad planning, burnout, and microtransactions, but its remake gives Motive Studio a chance to make up for it with a new trilogy. 

While the game’s design, audio, and gameplay are probably being changed in fresh ways to appeal to modern consumers. Dead Space will stay true to the original narrative and cast of characters while telling the horrors they experienced in novel new ways. Expect the Dead Space franchise to continue in a new generation of remakes and possibly sequels if this release is a hit. The best upcoming pc games in January.

5. Spongebob Squarepants: the cosmic shake (January 31)

upcoming pc games in january

Platforms: PS4, XBOX ONE, PC, Nintendo Switch

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Purple Lamp Studios, who previously worked on SpongeBob SquarePants: The Battle for Bikini Bottom—Rehydrated, is creating The Cosmic Shake (2020). The project was approved after the economic success of Rehydrated, with the idea of creating a spiritual sequel to that game. SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy were all playable characters in Battle for Bikini Bottom, and each had one or more special skills. However, SpongeBob was the only playable character in Purple Lamp’s The Cosmic Shake, which included various special abilities. The best upcoming pc games in january.

The game’s primary focus has been changed to include unlockable costumes. In September 2021, as a part of their tenth-anniversary celebration, THQ Nordic first revealed the game. A new gameplay trailer was released by THQ Nordic after the conclusion of their August game presentation.


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