What is a Network Security? Define and Types

what is a network security

Network security is comprised of provisions made in the underlying computer network infrastructure and policies implemented by the network administrator to protect the network and network-accessible resources from unauthorized access and ensure that authorized users have adequate access to all network resources.

  • Goals of Network Security

Now Network security is not only concerned with the security of computers at each end of the communication chain; it also aims to ensure that the entire network is secure.

Network security entails protecting the usability, reliability, integrity, and safety of the network and its data. effective network security defects, a variety of threats can enter or spread on a network.

The primary goals are confidentiality, integrity, and availability; these three pillars of network security are often represented as a CIA triangle.

  •  Confidentiality

The function of confidentiality is to protect previous business data from an unauthorized person. 

The confidentiality part of network security makes sure that the data is available only to the intended and authority persons  

  •  Integrity

These goals mean maintaining and ensuring the accuracy and consistency of data. the function of integrity is to make sure that the data is reliable and is not changed by unauthorized persons

  • Availability

The availability function in network security ensures that data and network resources/services are always available to legitimate users whenever they need them.

 Types of attacks 

Attacks on network systems can be divided into three types:

1. Reconnaissance
2. Intrusion Problem
3. Denial of service (DoS)

  1. Reconnaissance Attacks

Reconnaissance is the unauthorized collection of information about system resources, vulnerabilities, or services. Access and DoS attacks are normally preceded by reconnaissance attacks. Hackers obviously have to know what is available to attack. Before launching any institution Reconnaissance is similar to a bank robber casing a bank to determine how many security guards are on duty, how many cameras exit their location, and what escape route to use. Reconnaissance is more than a type of attack; it is also the face of attack.  

  1. Intrusion problem

An instruction problem is an attempt to mischievously steal some information from someone’s computer. The primary goal of instruction is to locate vital information and data.

  1. Denial of service (DoS)

DoS attacks are performed with the intent of disabling, corrupting, or crashing businesses or network resources to prevent the use of these systems by the intended users. This electronic vandalism is one of the worst types of attacks faced by e-businesses because the only intent of the hacker is to prevent customers from using the company’s electronic storefront. The intent of this type of attack is simply to do damage and prevent the target company from conducting business.

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