When will the BGMI Unban in India? Here is Everything we Know

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In July 2022, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) was removed from the Google Play and Apple App stores. Here’s an update from Krafton on the BGMI reunion. In September 2020, Krafton released PUBG: Battlegrounds (previously known as (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds”) in India. It rose to prominence as one of India’s top mobile battle royale games, helping to boost the country’s esports scene. However, the Indian government banned the game, along with some other Chinese apps, within a year of its release, citing national security concerns. When will BGMI unban? Here is everything we know.

The game again dominated the esports market, but the joy was short-lived as it was removed from app stores on July 28, just a year after its initial release. Indian government raised security concerns once more, and as a result, the game was removed from the virtual store download. The game is still playable for players who had it downloaded on their smartphones prior to the soft ban. Since then, all eyes have been on the relaunch of BGMI or any updates on the subject.

Why is BGMI banned?

BGMI ban because it appears that they revealed the data of Android smartphone users to a server owned by China called Tencent. As a result of the excessive exposure of users’ data and information. approximately 280 applications have been removed from the Google Play store in India. So, on July 28, the Indian government officially banned the Indian version of PUBG, and BGMI, by prohibiting both of them under Section 69A of the IT Act.

With this information, we can conclude that the game violated specific laws and rules, which is why it was abruptly suspended without any press, but there has also been no official statement about the permanent suspension. Many people, or ‘gamers,’ are eagerly awaiting the game to be restarted.

Is BGMI Unban?

Following the BGMI ban, Krafton issued an official statement in which they stated that they were working with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to resolve the ongoing issues. In recent months, many YouTubers and well-known gaming personalities have announced that BGMI unban by the end of 2022 or early 2023. Krafton informed us during a recent visit to the company’s office in Seoul, South Korea, that two games, The Callisto Protocol and Defense Derby, will be released early next year.

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