Yphone the Best Phone for Kids: Specifications & Price

The newest trend among kids this year is the YPhone toy phone! The Yphone is the first professional take on a standard smartphone, and given its qualities, parents are choosing it in great numbers as a present. Children always copy their parents, so if they see you using a phone while talking on it, they will want to have one of their own. 

Phones, on the other hand, cannot be given to children because they are expensive and can expose them to harmful content on the internet. The YPhone can help in this situation.

Toy phones have long past their purpose as toys and are now considerably more advanced in their ability to occupy busy children.

Why YPhone is so popular?

A small play phone for youngsters is called the YPhone. Kids and toddlers will love these toy phones. Kids and infants will love and enjoy this pretend mobile.

The phone’s front side is reminiscent of a mobile, complete with buttons for all the colours, numbers, and other things. For kids, the toy phone sports a small teddy bear with a heart image on the back. To entice children, several versions feature cartoon characters in a variety of designs.

The toy phone features a variety of music that the kids can listen to to learn the song’s melody. They can use their phone to sing along. It may engage even the most demanding babies when they are exposed to a variety of music and melodies. They won’t mess with your phone in any manner.

Given that the buttons actually function, it can do a lot! With each button press, the phone’s lights and music change. The functionality of the YPhone’s buttons allows for more.

The YPhone is made to appear as though a camera is built right into it. It deceives children into believing they have a real phone because of its acceptable size.

The phone’s sides embrace dazzling lights even though they appear to be opaque. The kids will like looking at and playing with the phone because of how bright it is everywhere. The phone is realistic and engaging because to the flashing colourful lights that surround it. Children are drawn to sounds, music, and flashing lights.



Simulation-based education The YPhone is a basic toy. It lacks games and is not a true phone. The children’s hands can easily fit the toy phone, which is 12.5 cm (L), 5.8 cm (W), and 0.8 cm (thick) in size. Its chassis is sturdy, it has a compact footprint, and it weighs only 90 g. Both black and white versions of the YPhone are offered. It includes a Micro USB charging interface, an insulating layer, and a power switch. The toy phone recharges on the charger in 10 to 20 minutes. Additionally, it includes vibrantly coloured buttons that draw kids in.

Other Features

The YPhone opens as you press the switch. When children press the button, it says something about the image on it. The bezel illuminates when you press the buttons. 

The buttons are not only sensitive, but they also lead to different modes. The question mode is the essence of this toy phone. The kids can ask questions and receive answers. The phone’s bottom-mounted ON/OFF switch is simple to use. By pressing a button, you can change the number, colour, fruit, etc. By holding down the button, you can also adjust the volume to 5 levels. 

The YPhone comes with 20 classic children’s tunes and 10 timeless sleep melodies. The toy phone has buttons with pictures that aid with understanding and recognition of numbers, colours, fruits, and other objects. Additionally, it enhances verbal abilities. The toy phone’s music function enables kids to sing along with it.

ABS plastic, which is non-toxic and secure, is used in the toy phone. It is perfect for kids because of how lightweight it is. It’s crucial that toys you purchase are non-toxic and phthalate-free. Find one made of ABS plastic, which is known to be free of toxins, if at all possible.

Perfect Gift

The ideal gift for your young child to keep them occupied for extended periods of time is a Yphone. Additionally, they will gain knowledge while using the Yphone. This Yphone is a fantastic option for guilt-free phone time for kids instead of handing them your real phones, which are quite harmful to them.

YPhone Price: 10$ (Amazon)

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